A Handbook of Council’s National Sports & Games / Rules & Regulations 2019

The Council has always firmly believed and stressed the holistic development of the child, in body, mind, and spirit. While academics and examinations are the Council’s prime concern, it realizes the importance and role of sports and games in a child’s life.

The Council has therefore embarked on a mission to conduct the ‘Council School Sports & Games’ annually in order to identify talents at the school level and provide these children a suitable platform to develop and reach their full potential. This is also in keeping with the Government’s initiative of identifying sporting talent among children at the school level and developing Sports Schools through the Khelo India School Games and the Khelo India Scheme respectively.

It is the Council’s aim to provide a suitable platform and an opportunity to all children studying in our affiliated schools to showcase their talents and skills in the various sporting disciplines. Once identified, the next step is to play on a bigger stage and represent the Council at the annual National School Games conducted by the School Games Federation of India (SGFI) and thereafter at the Khelo India School Games.

For the smooth conduct of the Council’s National Sports & Games, the Council has compiled a set of rules and regulations. These are meant to guide those at the ground level to conduct and supervise various games in an impartial and fair manner. The handbook containing the rules and regulations has been framed in such a manner by incorporating those of the SGFI and is also modified to suit the local conditions where the games are to be held.

To create asense of unity, integrity, honesty, fraternity, friendship and a true competitive spirit among the students of the affiliated schools of CISCE:

• To inculcate in the young minds a spirit of healthy competition while exhibiting their talents and potential.
• To help students develop an all-round personality and bring out the best in them to pave a bright future associated with sports and games activities.

Providing a platform for various sports and games to be conducted annually, thus facilitating a healthy mental, physical and psychological exposure.

CISCE has framed this set of rules and regulations by incorporating the existing rules and regulations of SGFI. These are essential to conducting the national events smoothly and successfully and should be strictly adhered to by the host regions of the national events and the participants.