ATHLETICS (For all six categories of boys and girls)
(a)Only two participants in each event will be permitted to participate in a region in each category.
(b)One participant can participate in three events only, excluding the relay.

Events for the National Athletic Meet 2019:
(i) Track events for Junior and Senior boys:100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, 800 meter,1500 meter, 5000 meter, 110 meter Hurdles, 5 km walk & 4 x 100 meter Relay, 4×400 meter relay (Note: 110 Mtr hurdles is only for senior boys; Junior boys will have only 100 meter hurdles.)

(ii) Field events for Junior and Senior boys: Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, Shotput, Discus Throw & Javelin Throw.

(iii) Track events for Junior and Senior girls: 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meter, 3000m, 100 meters Hurdles, 3 km walk, 4x 100 meters Relay and 4x 400 meters relay

(iv) Field events for Junior and Senior girls: LongJump, High Jump, Triple Jump, Shotput, Discus Throw & Javelin Throw.

(v) Track events for Sub Junior Boys & Girls: 100 mtr, 200 mtr, 400 mtr, 600 mtr, 80m hurdles, 4 x 100 mtr Relay.
(vi) Field events for Sub Junior Boysand Girls: Long Jump, High Jump, Shot put and Discus Throw

(d) Throws:

(e) Hurdles

(f) Jumps:

(g) All participants will be provided with two sets of chest numbers to be worn visibly on his/her chest and back. The size of the numbers shall not exceed 150 mm X 25 mm.

(h) Participants should report to the Reporting booth at the first call. After the third call, no participant will be allowed to participate in that event. In case a participant is unable to report to the reporting booth for a valid reason, he/she should obtain prior permission from the officials through the manager/coach.

(i) The Referee and the officials in charge of conducting the events should brief the participants before the commencement of each event regarding the track or lane rules, changing the track, pushing or tripping the competitors, which will eventually lead to disqualification from a particular event or events.

(j) Some of the events require heats to select the participants for the finals. The timing, and not the position at the heats, will decide the qualifiers for the finals.

(k) The track umpires are assistants to the referee, without the power of decision.

(l) During the Relays, the baton must be carried in hand throughout the race. In case the baton is dropped, it should be picked up. The race will be invalid for a participant who finishes the race without the baton.

(m) The baton shall be made of wood or light metal, which shall not be more than 300 mm and not less than 280 mm long; the thickness shall be 120 mm and with a weight less than 50 gram. The baton shall be colored so that its visibility is noticeable easily during the race. The referee can disapprove of any baton if it is not made according to the specifications.

(n)Every regional team is required to use its proper uniform, tracksuit and sports kits. The participants can use spikes and starters (optional). No participant will be allowed to run barefoot.

No Fixtures

Detailed conduct of the Athletics Event will be discussed in the Managers’ Meeting to be held


At Tunbridge High School

86/2, Infantry Road, Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru -560001

Registration – 1.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. only

Managers Meetings – 04.00 p.m