1. To reach the venue at least one day before the event starts and check the existing infrastructure/ equipment/ accommodation/ food/ medical facilities at the venues of the Regional/National games and point out deficiencies, if any, for immediate rectification.

2. To ensure all the matches/games start as per schedule and there is no unnecessary delay in conducting the matches.

3. To check whether all the participants/teams are wearing the same design/format/colour code uniform as prescribed.

4. To check whether adequate number of referees/ umpires/ judges are present, and they are performing their duties and responsibility properly. Any deviation should be pointed out
Immediately to the Host school Principal / Principal Coordinator.

5. To observe whether the Spotters appointed by Host and by Council are performing their duties. Any deviation should be pointed out immediately.

6. To examine complaints from players/coaches of the respective teams, if any, by taking up the matter with the concerned spotters.

7. To recommend strict action against any Coach/Manager using abusive/unparliamentary language. Similarly, he should also report any misbehavior of any particular team or by the parent of any participants.

8. In case of any disagreement relating to the selection between the local spotters as appointed by the host school/principal coordinator and the local/outstation spotter as appointed by Council, the decision of the Observer will be final.

9. To announce the list of selected players for SGFI at the prize distribution ceremony and inform about the documentation part to be compiled by the selected participants.

10. To submit a detailed report of the event along with a copy of the list of selected players to the Council positively within 15 days from the date of completion of the event.FOOD ARRANGEMENTS FOR REGIONAL /NATIONAL MEET /SGFI CAMP Each Host Principal/ Principal coordinator should make proper arrangement for preparing nutritious and healthy food in a hygienic environment.