FOOTBALL (For Junior and Senior Boys)

a) Matches will be conducted as per the rules and regulations of AIFF (All India Football Federation).

b) Total team will consist of 18 players, inclusive of the goalkeeper.

c) Every team must follow the dress code and color as per the respective regions. Team jersey, shorts, shin guards with socks and studded boots make up the kit. Only the Goalkeeper is permitted to wear gloves.

d) The duration of the match officially is 70 minutes; divided into two 35 minutes halves with an interval of 5 minutes. If required 30 minutes extra time will be given; 15 minutes of two halves with an interval of 5 minutes. If the result is still undecided after the extra time, then there will be a penalty shoot-out where each team will have five chances one after another. In case the scores are the same even after penalty shoot-out then it will be decided by sudden death methodology. In sudden death, teams take one penalty each to determine the winner which means one team loses as soon as they miss an opponent scores.

e) Each team must carry a standard prescribed size football while reporting for the match.