General Rules, Regulations & Categories

CISCE has framed this set of rules and regulations by incorporating the existing rules and regulations of SGFI. These are essential to conducting the national events smoothly and successfully and should be strictly adhered to by the host regions of the national events and the participants.

There shall be six categories:
1. Sub Junior Boys
2. Sub Junior Girls
3. Junior Boys
4. Junior Girls
5. Senior Boys
6. Senior Girls

1. Age &Status
a. Sub Juniors (Under 14) Girls and Boys born on or after 01/01/2006 and not studying below 6″ standard.
b. Juniors (Under 17): Girls and boys born on or after 01/01/2003 and studying in class 12″ or below but not studying below 6″ standard.
c. Seniors (Under 19): Girls and boys born on or after 01/01/2001 and studying in class 12″ or below but not studying below 6″ standard.

2. Eligibility: Participants must be bonafide students of CISCE affiliated schools.

3. Documents for Registration:
a) Three sets of Eligibility forms duly completed and signed by the Principal of the concerned school.
b) Photocopy of Aadhar card (Passport copy in case of overseas students).
c) Photocopy of the Mark-sheet/Report Card of the previous class attended duly attested by the Principal.
d) Photocopy of Birth certificate issued by the competent authority of the State/Central Government attested by a gazetted officer.

Any participant who does not have all the documents as mentioned above will not be allowed to participate in the CISCE games.

4. Player of the lower age category may compete in the senior age category under the following conditions:
(a) Such a player cannot participate in two categories of the same discipline.
(b) Such a player may participate in one discipline in one category and in another discipline in another category.
(c) However, any one player can participate in a maximum of three games/discipline.


1. The Registration charges for participating, in any event, will be Rs. 1,800 for a two-day event, Rs. 2,400 for a three-day event and Rs. 3,200 for a four-day event. The registration charges are payable mandatorily for all the participants irrespective of the fact whether the concerned participant avails the accommodation provided or not. The registration charges cover the organization of the event, accommodation, and food only. It will be the responsibility of the concerned school to send the participating students to the venue and to arrange for their return journey back home, once the events are over.

2. Intimation regarding participation must reach the host school 15 days in advance.

3. The final entries for each event must reach the host school 7 days in advance.

4. The participants/teams must report and depart as per the schedule of the events. The travel details must be informed to the host well in advance for suitable arrangements. Early arrivals or delayed departures must be avoided, as these shall not be the responsibility of the host school.

5. Parents of the participants are not allowed as escorting officials; neither will they be permitted to enter the venue except in the capacity of a spectator. Any parent/Guardian misbehaving during the event will not be allowed to enter the venue for that day. Strict action will be initiated against the participating student, whose parent is found to misbehave/create a problem at the venue relating to selection.

6. Only those escorts approved by the Regional Coordinator will be permitted to act on behalf of the participants.

7. Any escorts, other than the managers and coaches approved by CISCE, will not be catered to by the host.

8. The schedule and venues of the sports and games events are the prerogatives of the CISCE.

9. Only the Executive Committee of the CISCE has the authority to amend, modify, change, annual or interpret the rules, regulations, and guidelines stated in this “Hand Book” of National Events.

10. The decision of the officials/judges/referees/umpires at any events final and will be binding on all the participants.

11. The Code of conduct must be strictly complied by all officials accompanying students.

12. In case of disputes/misconduct, the team players are liable to be debarred/suspended from all future events.

13. Strict action will be taken against Coach/Manager using abusive/ unparliamentary language. A written complaint to be forwarded by the Observer to the Council.


1. Sports events will be conducted as per the rules and regulations of the various Sports Bodies in the country. Yet, in case of necessity, rules may be adapted as per the local needs and situations with the approval of the Sports Committee of the CISCE.

2. The team manager/incharge should be present in the meeting of the managers.

3. Fixtures will be finalized at the managers’ meeting.

4. The teams with managers and coaches must report to the officials thirty minutes before the schedule of the matches.

5. The team that does not report on time will be disqualified after waiting for 10 minutes from the scheduled time and theopponent will geta’walk – over’.

6. The managers and coaches must ensure the discipline of their respective teams for the smooth conduct of the games.

7. Each team should have its own proper color (dress code), as specified by the CISCE and the kit/ equipment as per the requirement of the game in question. Teams/participants will not be allowed to participate in case the same design/pattern dress code is not followed.

8. Every member of the team will be compulsorily verified, and the eligibility approved by the officials prior to the commencement ofthe event.

9. The CISCE, in consultation with the Regional Coordinator and the Host, shall constitute an Organizing Committee for each event to be conducted.

10. The Regional Coordinator and the Host shall form a team of well-qualified officials for the conduct of the events in question. Any incompetent official, if found, should be replaced forthwith.

11. There shall be a three-member Jury of Appeal consisting ofa member of CISCE National Executive and two persons of knowledge and expertise from the place of the event.

12. The Jury of Appeal will deal with all matters of disputes and settle them amicably in all fairness and justice within a specific time period. Its decision shall be final and binding.

13. All matters of dispute must be filed in writing endorsed by the manager and the coach with a fee of Rs. 1000/- within 30 minutes of the announcement of the result of the event in question to the Selection committee. Ifthe appeal is upheld the deposit will be refunded; if not, the total amount will be forfeited. Participants are not permitted to appeal to the jury directly.

14. The manager or the coach must form part of the contingent at the opening and closing ceremonies of the events with their respective regional flags.

15. During the conduct of the event/ match, the Manager should ensure the required discipline of his / her team as directed by the officials.

16. Overall Championship will be decided, considering the total number of points scored by the participants. The same will apply to decide the team championships in each category.

17. In case ofa ‘tie’ in championships the same will be broken by considering the number of Golds won by the tied regions; if it remains inconclusive, then the Silvers won will be considered and so on.

18. Participants should be prepared for any eventuality during the events such as injury, postponement, change in schedule, collision in schedule, bad weather etc. for which appropriate measures must be taken.

19. No participant is to be absent from the venue even if his/her event is not scheduled. Changes will be notified only through the P/A system. No protest will be accepted for missing an event due to unforeseen situations.

20. Teams must adhere to the daily time table for meals etc. without fail.

21. Any shopping, sightseeing etc. will be the sole responsibility ofthe team escorts.

22. Team Escorts: Team Manager – 1, One Boys coach and one Girls coach. Any other escorts other than the above mentioned will be charged separately as per the rates decided by the Organizing Committee.

23. All the games/matches will be conducted on a “league cum knockout” format. The rules may be adjusted to facilitate the league rounds but not the semi-finals and finals.

24. There shall be a Five-member Selection Committee consisting of an Observer, Principal Coordinator/ Host School Principal and three spotters for the selection of the.
National Team to represent CISCE unit at the SGFI games. The selected team list will be announced by the Observer during the Prize distribution ceremony on the last day of the event.

Gold Medal – 1″ Position – five points.
Silver Medal – 2″ Position – three points.
Bronze Medal – 3″ Position – one point.

In case of a ‘tie’ for any position, the points of that position alone will be equally shared among the ‘tied’ participants.

1. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded for the First, Second and Third positions respectively.
2. Merit Certificate for the winners and participation certificates will be awarded for the rest. Both merit and participation certificates will not be awarded to the same participant.
3. While preparing the certificates, details mentioned in the Eligibility Form will be treated as final. Correction requests, if any, should be accompanied with the application along with fees of Rs. 100.


Sl.No. Name of the Event Details
1 Archery (a)Team Championship in all categories (6)
(b) best archer in each category (6)
2 Athletics (a) Best athletes in all categories (6)
(b)Championships in all categories (6)
(c)Overall Championship (1)
3 Badminton (a)Team Championships in all categories (6)
(b)Individual singles event in all categories (6)
4 Basket Ball Team Championships in all categories (6)
5 Boxing Team Championships in all categories (6)
6 Carrom Team Championships in all categories (6)
7 Chess Team Championships in all categories (6)
8 Cricket Team Championships in three categories (Boys) (3)
9 Football Team Championships in two categories (U17 AND U19) - Boys (2)
10 Gymnastics Team Championships and individual events in four categories (U14 AND U17) - Boys and Girls (4)
11 Hockey Team Championships in twocategories(U17 AND U19)- Boys (2)
12 Kabbadi Team championships in two categories (U 17 AND U19) -Boys (2)
13 Karate Team Championships in four categories (U14 AND U17) - Boys and Girls (4)
14 Kho-Kho Team Championships in three categories Girls (3)
15 Lawn Tennis Team Championships and individual singles eventin all categories (6)
16 Rugby Team Championships in two categories (U 14 & U 17) – Boys (2)
17 Shooting Team Championships in all categories -Boys and Girls (6)
18 Skating Team Championships in all categories -Boys and Girls (6)
19 Swimming & Diving (a) Best swimmers & divers in all categories (6)
(b) Championships in all categories (6)
(c) Overall Championship (1)
20 Table Tennis Team Championships in all categories - Boys and Girls (6)
21 Taekwando Team Championships in all categories - Boys and Girls (6)
22 Throwball Team Championships in two categories -(U17 AND U19) -Girls (2)
23 VolleyBall Team Championships in four categories — (U17 AND U19) -Boys and Girls (4)
24 Yoga Team Championships in all categories - Boys and Girls (6)


1. Only the students who are selected from the CISCE nationals and have received mail from the Council to that effect will represent CISCE in the SGFI games.

2. All the students who will be selected for the SGFI games need to send three sets of SGFI Eligibility forms duly attested by Principal of the concerned school along with attested copies of Birth certificate, Aadhar card and the previous year’s report/mark sheet directly to Mr. ArijitBasu, Deputy Secretary (Finance), Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. P 35 and 36, PushpVihar, Sector 6, New Delhi – 110017 positively within seven days from the completion of the event at the National Level.

3. For all the students who will be representing Council at the SGFI, it will be mandatory to have an insurance cover of Rs. 1 lakh (Accidental and Medical insurance both). The
details of such policy should be shared along with the SGFI eligibility form as mentioned in point ii above. Any selected student without the insurance cover will not be allowed to participate in the SGFI events.

4. Any student who has been selected to represent the CISCE in the SGFI games cannot represent his/her Home State at a later stage. Any such case brought to the notice of the Council will be liable for strict action including debarment from participation in any Council organized sports event for a minimum period of two years. It is the duty of the Principal to intimate the CISCE about the non- participation of any selected student ten days in advance so that the absent player can be substituted with the Standby/reserve player.

5. CISCE will conduct Conditioning camps prior to the main event at SGFI in case of team games like Hockey, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Throwball, Kabaddi, and Kho-Kho. It will be mandatory for the selected students to participate in the conditioning camp. It will be the responsibility of the concerned schools to arrange for the transportation of the selected students to reach the venue of the camp/ SGFI games. CISCE will pay for the registration and food at the camp/SGFI. Any student who does not want to use the accommodation provided can arrange his/her own accommodation after taking permission from the concerned coach/manager appointed by the Council. No expenses in this regard will be borne by the Council.

6. Any Coach/Manager who has been nominated as CISCE coach/manager for the SGFI games has to mandatorily fulfill his/her obligation. If the assignment as offered is rejected without adequate reason (like hospitalization or serious illness) such coach/manager will be debarred from participation in any sporting event of CISCE for the next two years.