KABADDI (For Junior & Senior Boys)

The game will be conducted as per the rules and regulations of SGFI only.

a) Each team shall consist of 12 players with only 7 taking the field at any given time.

b) Every participant must follow the dress code.

c) Matches are to be conducted on mats only.

d) The game in the second half will resume with the same number of players, as there were at the end of the first half.

e) Each game will be of 40 minutes divided into two halves of 20 minutes each with a break of 5 minutes in between two halves. In case the scores are the same after the normal duration there will be extra time of six minutes divided into two halves of three minutes each with an interval of 1 minute. If the scores are same even after extra time it will be decided by Golden raid where one team will be selected by the toss of a coin. The team who wins the toss will be allowed to do the Golden raid and will be considered the winner if the raider can cross the lifeline only.

(f) Weight Category: Below 55 Kg for Under 17 Boys and below 70 Kg for Under 19 boys. The maximum deviation allowed will be 200 gms only.

Senior Boys