KARATE (For Sub Junior and Junior Boys and girls)

The Championships will be conducted based on the Rules &Regulations of World Karate Federation and Karate Association of India

a) There should be only one participant in each weight category from each state.

b) Entries by name will be submitted in duplicate in the enclosed form during accreditation.

c) No change or re-arrangement of contestants will be allowed after the entries are submitted. A contestant who fails to qualify at any stage will be disqualified and no other contestant can be substituted in his/her place.

d) A contestant must fit exactly into his/her weight category and cannot contest in a higher or lower weight category. Each contestant shall be permitted upon the scale only once during the official weigh-in. If the contestant’s weight is above or below the prescribed limits of that weight category, he/she shall be disqualified.

e) Maximum tolerance allowed above or below the weight category will be 200 grams.

f) Weight-in shall be conducted on the same day on which matches in that category will be played.

g) All matches will be of 2 (two) minutes duration in case of U14 and U17 boys and girls.

h) Any contestant and/or officials who by word, action or deed disturb and/or interrupts the smooth and normal conduct of the Championships will be liable for IMMEDIATE disqualification.

Weight Categories for under 14 Boys -Less than 20 Kg, 20-25 kg, 25-30 kg, 30-35 kg, 35-40 kg, 40-45 kg, 45-50 kg, 50-55 kg, 55-60 kg and more than 60 Kg

Weight Categories for under 14 Girls – Less than 18 Kg, 18-22 kg, 22-24 kg, 24-26 kg, 26-30 kg, 30-34 kg, 34-38 kg, 38-42 kg, 42-46 kg, 46-50 kg and more than 50 kg.

Weight Categories for under 17 Boys – Less than 35 kg, 35-40 kg, 40-45 kg, 45-50 kg, 50-54 kg, 54-58 kg, 58-62 kg, 62-66 kg, 66-70kg, 70-74kg, 74-78 kg, 78-82 kg and more than 82 kg.

Weight Categories for under 17 Girls -Less than 32 kg, 32-36 kg, 36-40 kg, 40-44 kg, 44-48 kg, 48-52 kg, 52-56 kg, 56-60 kg, 60 – 64 kg, 64-68 kg and more than 68 kg.

Weight – in Trial Weight:  Everyday from 6 am to 7 am Final Weight: Everyday from 7 am to 8am