KHO-KHO (For Sub Junior, Junior & Senior Girls)

The game will be conducted as per the rules and regulations of KKFI (Kho-Kho Federation of India). However, the rules may be changed according to local needs and situations.

(a) Each team will consist of 12 players.

(b) Every participant must follow the dress code.

(c) All the games will be played on a league-cum-knockout basis. The Chief Referee has the right to change the game plan as and when required.

(d) An innings will be of 9 minutes’ duration. Each match will consist of 2 innings for each team.

Date of the Tournament – 19th & 20th of August 2019
Reporting Timing – 08.00 am

The Registration and verification of the participants should be completed by 7.45 am on the school premises. The entry for the tournament will be strictly for the Managers, Coaches, and Players Only.

We are glad to inform you that lunch will be provided for all.