Lawn Tennis

LAWN TENNIS (Forall six categories of Boys and Girls)

a) The game will be conducted as per the rules and regulations of AITF (All India Tennis Federation).

b) Two Singles and one Doubles will be conducted for the team game category.

c) Each team will consist of a minimum three and maximum of five members.

d) Every participant must follow the dress code, color as per the respective Region T-shirt with collar, shorts, Tennis Skirt for girls, non-marking tennis shoes, personal tennis racquets, etc. must be taken care of.

e) All the players should be ready to play in floodlights if required.

f) The format of matches: One Singles followed by Doubles and then Singles if required.

g) The winning team will be decided based on “best of three” games.

h) In the case of the individual singles event, each region can nominate two players each. The singles event will be conducted under a Knock out system.