RUGBY (For Junior and Sub Junior Boys)

a) Dress Code: All players must be correctly dressed in shorts & t-shirt in accordance with the color code of the concerned state. Playing bare feet will not be permitted.

b) Numbers per Team: A total of 12 players to be part of each team. A maximum of 7 players will be playing on the field, at any given time, with 5 substitutes.

c) Duration:7 minutes each way, with a 1minute break at halftime for all tournament games.

d) Toss: The team winning the Toss will receive possession of the ball and a choice of direction. The winning team to start off the game with a Roll Ball.

e) Roll ball: A ‘ROLL BALL’ is a means of restarting the game. It is used at the start-off and to resume games after a Touch, Try or Infringement.

f) Touch: A Touch constitutes Two-Handed contact with any part of the body and/or ball. A minimum of force is to be applied at any given time. On being touched, a Roll Ball has to be performed, from the mark, to resume the game. A total of four Touches are allowed for each team.

g) Scoring: A ‘TRY’ is scored when an untouched player has full control of the ball when placing it on the ground, once past the score-line. Diving is NOT permitted. A Try counts for 5 Points.

h) Passing backward: A Player may pass, flick, throw or deliver the ball to any onside player in the attacking team. Passing forward is NOT permitted. A ‘Drop Ball’ constitutes a turnover.

i) Off side: All defending players MUST retreat a minimum of 5 meters from the mark where the attacking player has been touched or restarting the game.

j) Kicking: Kicking is NOT allowed at any given time during the game.

k) Field Dimensions: The Dimensions of the Playing Field will be approx. 50mtrs x 30mtrs (including the Try Zones).

l) Turn Over: Possession of the ball is turned over in the following circumstances: (i) 4th Touch: after completing 4 touches
(ii)Forward Pass: if a player passes or throws the ball forward
(iii)Drop Ball: if a player drops the ball or while passing, the ball hits the ground
(iv)Improper Roll Ball: if the player oversteps the mark or delays in performing the rolling ball.

(v) Stepping Outside: if a player steps out of the playing field while in possession of the ball.



No Regional Round

St. Mary’s School Chikkamangaluru will directly go to the Nationals

No Regional Round

St. Mary’s School Chikkamangaluru will directly go to the Nationals