SKATING (For all six categories of boys and girls)

The event will be conducted as per the rules and regulations of RSFI (Roller Skating Federation of India). However, the rules may be changed according to the local needs and situations.

(a) The team will consist of 6 members in each category: three in “’Quad” and three for “Inline”.

(b) One can participate in two events only.

(c) Every participant must follow the dress code.

(d) The Chief Referee has the right to change the game plan as and when required. 21

(e) Competitors must wear shorts and matching short-sleeved shirts or one-piece, short-sleeved outfits. Bare midriff uniforms are prohibited. Skaters will be issued two chest numbers: One number will be placed on the back with the other number to be placed on the left thigh of the participant.

(f) No interchange of categories is permitted i.e. those in “Quad” cannot play in Inline and vice versa.

(g) The details of the events and participants per event is given below

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