Table Tennis

TABLE TENNIS (For all six categories of boys and girls)
The game will be conducted as per the rules and regulations of TTFI (Table Tennis Federation of India).

(a) The team will consist of minimum two and maximum five members in each category.

(b) Only Singles match will be played in all categories.

(c) Every participant must follow the dress code. (T-shirt color must not be white)

(d) All the games will be played in league cum-knock out basis.

(e) A set is one when one of the players first score 11 points. In the event of both players scoring 10 points, a set is to be won by the first player to gain a 2-point lead. A full match is won when a player wins the best of 3 sets in case of U14 category whereas in case of U17 and U19 it will be for best of 5 sets.

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