CISCE has framed this set of rules and regulations by incorporating the existing rules and regulations of various sports and games federations of India. These are essential to conduct the national events smoothly and successfully and should be strictly adhered to by the host regions of the national events and the participants.

A.Categories: There shall be four categories –
i) Junior Boys ii) Junior Girls iii) Senior Boys iv) Senior Girls


a) Age & Status
(i) Juniors (Under 17) : Girls and boys born on or after 01/01/2002
and studying in class 10th or below but not below 6th standard.
(ii) Seniors (Under 19) : Girls and boys born on or after 01/01/2000
and studying in class 12th or below but not below 6th standard.
(iii) Sub Juniors (Under 14): studying in class 8th or below but not
below 6th standard. 01/01/2005

b) Membership: Participants must be CISCE students.

Documents for verification:
(i) A Photo affixed school ID card with the Date of Birth (DOB) and the class of study certified by the Head of School/Principal.
(ii) Participant’s Aadhaar Card with a photocopy.
(iii) The eligibility forms duly completed certified and forwarded by the Regional Coordinator
(iv) Mark-sheet of the previous class attended
(v) Birth certificate issued by the competent authority of the State/Central Government.

d) A player of the junior category may compete in the senior category under the following conditions:
a) Such player cannot participate in two categories of the same discipline.
b) Such player may participate in one discipline in one category and in another discipline in another category.

C. General Rules and Guidelines :
1) The final entries for each event must reach the host 7 days in advance.
2) Intimation regarding participation must reach the host 15 days in advance.
3) The participants / teams must report and depart as per the schedule of the events. The travel details must be informed to the host well in advance for suitable arrangements. Early arrivals or delayed departures must be avoided as they shall not be the responsibility of the host.
4) Parents of the participants are not allowed as escorting officials; neither will they be permitted to enter the venue except in the capacity of a spectator.
5) Only those escorts approved by the Regional Coordinator will be permitted to act on behalf of the participants.
6) Any escorts other than the managers and coaches approved by CISCE, will not be catered to by the host.
7) The schedule and venues of the sports and games events are the prerogative of the Executive Committee of CISCE.
8) Only the Executive Committee of the CISCE has the authority to amend, modify, change, annul or interpret the rules, regulations and guidelines stated in this “Hand Book” of National Events.
9) The decision of the officials / judges / referees / umpires is final and will be binding on participants.
10) The Code of conduct must be strictly complied by all officials accompanying students.

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