YOGA (For all categories of boys and girls)

The event will be conducted as per the rules and regulations of YFI (Yoga Federation of India). However, the rules may be changed according to local needs and situations.
The team will consist of seven members. (A minimum of three and maximum of seven members) out of which five members will be for the team game, one member for the Artistic Yoga event and one member for the Rhythmic Yoga event.

The competition is divided into three categories which are Group competition, Individual Artistic Yoga Competition and Individual Rhythmic Yoga Competition
(i) The Group competition will include the following asanas:
1. Paschimottanasana
2. Sarvangasana
3. Matsyasana
4. Dhanurasana (Competitor can perform PurnaDhanurasana)
5. PurnaMatsendrasana
6. Uttanapadasana

Group B
1. PurnaChakrasana
2. Kukutasana
3. Garbhasana
4. Bhumasana
5. Purnashalabhasana

Group C
1. Sankhyasana
2. Vyaghrasana
3. UrdhavaKukutasana
4. Shirshasana
5. UtthitPadahastasan
6. UtthitTitivasana

The asanas of Group A to be performed and retained for 2.30 minutes.
The asanas of Group B to be performed and retained for 30 seconds.
The asanas of Group C to be performed and retained for 20 seconds.

At the time of competition asanas from Group A and Group B will be decided by draw system on the spot. While Group C anyone asana can be selected by the competitor. Three compulsory asanas are to be performed in the given list of Group A, B and C. In addition to this, two any other asanas of the competitor’s choice are to be performed excluding compulsory asanas. Total 5 asanas are to be performed by all the competitor. Each team will comprise of five participants. A competitor will be allowed a maximum of three attempts for

optional asanas in Group C and own choice. No choice will be given for Group Aand Group B.

(ii) Individual Artistic Yoga Competition

The player will have to perform any five asanas of their choice from the following.

1. Vrishhikasana
2. Standing linkarasana
3. Natarajasana
4. SthambhSirasan (Dhruvasana)
5. Dhwajasana
6. UtthitDwipadSkandhasana
7. KandPidanasana

Holding time of each asana is 15 seconds for all groups and categories. In addition, the participants have to chant Omkar (exhale) twice. One competitor from each region will be

(iii) Individual Rhythmic Yoga Competition In this competition the competitor has to perform not less than 8 and not more than 15 asanas within a maximum of 2.30minutes.

1. The competitor has to perform various asanas.e forward bending, backward bending, balancing, front and sitting postures in all the four directions with music.
2. One competitor from each region will be allowed.
3. The asanas and body movement should be synchronized with music.
4. If a competitor takes more time i.e more than 2.30minutes point will be deducted.

Dear Principals,

Greetings from Deccan International School!

Welcome to the Council School Sports & Games 2019 Karnataka 2019 – Yoga competition.

Registration and verification of the documents will begin from 7:15 am. We request schools to bring the relevant documents if not already submitted.

As finalized in the managers meeting all participants are expected to perform in bodysuits.
Schools are requested to refer to the handbook of Council School Sports & Games 2019 in the CISCE web site for rules and regulations.

Order of Events
Reporting & Registration —- 7:15 am
Inauguration ———————8:00 am
Competition begins at—————————–8:15 am
Lunch ——————————from 12:00 pm onwards
Prize distribution—————– after completion of all events.
Kindly note participants and teachers can purchase healthy snacks from the School Tuck shop between 8:30 am & 11:00 am.