YOGA (For all categories of boys and girls)
The event will be conducted as per the rules and regulations of Khelo India School Games. The team will consist of seven members. The minimum team size to be eligible to participate in the team championship will be three.

The competition will be held as under: –
a) Group Competition.

b) Individual Rhythmic Yoga Competition.

c) Individual Artistic Yoga Competition. 25 An individual team member can participate in the Team game and any one out of the two individual championships s mentioned above.

(i) The Group competition will include the following asanas:
Group A 1. Paschimottanasana 2. Sarvangasana 3. Matsyasana 4. Dhanurasana (Competitor can perform Purna Dhanurasana) 5. Purna Matsendrasana 6. Uttanapadasana

Group B 1. Purna Chakrasana 2. Kukutasana 3. Garbhasana 4. Bhumasana 5. Purna shalabhasana 6. Bakasana

Group C 1. Sankhyasana 2. Vyaghrasana 3. Urdhava Kukutasana 4. Shirshasana 5. Utthit Padahastasana 6. Utthit Titivasana

1. The asanas of Group A to be performed and retained for age group: Below 14 Yrs.: 1.30 minutes. Below 17 & 19 Yrs.: 2.30 minutes.

2. The asanas of Group B to be performed and retained for age group: Below 14 Yrs.: 20 seconds. Below 17 & 19 Yrs.: 30 seconds.

3. The asanas of Group C to be performed and retained for age group: Below 14 Yrs.: 15 seconds. Below 17 & 19 Yrs.: 20 seconds. 26

4. At the time of competition asanas from Group A and Group B will be decided by draw system on the spot. While Group C any one asana can be selected by the competitor.

5. Three compulsory asanas are to be performed in the given list of Group A, B and C. In addition to this, two any other asanas of the competitor’s choice are to be performed excluding compulsory asanas. Total 5 asanas are to be performed by all the competitors. Each asana will contain 10 marks and competitors will be given marks out of a total of 50 marks.

6. A competitor will be allowed maximum of three attempts for optional asanas in Group C and own choice. No choice will be given for Group A and Group B. Details distribution of Marks: a) Way to performance to reach the final stage of the asana -1 Mark b) Perfect posture of the asana -4 Mark c) Exhibition of the asana without tension and trembling -2 Mark d) Stay in asana for a fix time -2 Mark e) Returning to the original position -1 Mark

7. Surya namaskar is compulsory asana for final round of competition. A total of 10marks as per following division:
a) Body posture -3Mark b) Forward bend -3 Mark c) Backward bend -3 Mark d) Dress -1 Mark (ii) Individual Artistic Yoga Competition: A. Separate competition will be held for boys and girls each category under 14, 17 and 19 Yrs. B. One competitor for each region will be allowed in each group and category. C. The player will have to perform any five asanas of their choice from the following. 1. Vrischikasana 2. Standing Linkarasana 3. Natarajasana 4. Sthambh Sirasan (Dhruvasana) 5. Dhwajasana 6. Utthit Dwipad Skandhasana 7. Kand Pidanasana D. Holding time of each asana is 15 seconds for all groups and categories. E. Points will be awarded out of 10 Marks. 27 F. Participants has to chant Omkar (exhale) for two times and the allotment of marks shall be as under: 20 Sec 1 Points 50 Sec 6 Points 30 Sec 2 Points 60 Sec 7 Points 35 Sec 3 Points 70 Sec 8 Points 40 Sec 4 Points 80 Sec 9 Points 45 Sec 5 Points 90 Sec 10 Points (iii) Rhythmic Yoga Competition In this competition the competitor has to perform not less than 8 and not more than 15 asanas within maximum of 150 seconds. 1. The competitor has to perform various asanas i.e., forward bending, backward bending, balancing, front and sitting postures in all the four directions with music. 2. One competitor for each region will be allowed in each group and category. 3. The asanas and body movement should be synchronized with music. 4. If a competitor takes more time i.e. more than 2.30 or less than 2.30 minutes one point will be deducted.

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